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I’ve created my signature Latina program to help chicas like yourself learn how to lose weight through mindset and behavior changes to build a better relationship with food and exercise. Shed fat and get strong without following a restrictive diet that cuts out ALL of the foods you grew up with. You deserve to feel confident, energized, and sexy! With my personalized Latina method and personalized support, you’ll gain the confidence you need to feel your best once again!

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90 minute Latina Intensive Weight Loss Program

For the chica looking for a personalized weight loss/nutrition plan.


For the chica looking for a more personalized high-level guidance, support, and accountability in their transformation journey.

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1:1 Latina Total Body Transformation Coaching Program



On this 40-minute call, we will discuss your personal body goals, current lifestyle, and biggest challenges you face on your weight loss journey. We will set specific and realistic goals for your first 4 months of coaching along with walking you through how to successfully plan and log your meals in MyFitnessPal.


You will be provided with guides on nutrition fact labels, grocery shopping, traveling, fiber, workouts, snacks, calories, and macros. These guides will teach you how to make healthy meal decisions aligned with your personalized goals. You will also get a personalized 3 sample meal plan to incorporate your favorite cultural foods.


You will have support every step of your journey. For the first two months, we’ll have 30-minute weekly check-in calls to discuss your wins, struggles, progress, and goal setting, leaving you with clarity each week and confidence moving forward. The following two months we’ll move to bi-weekly, 45-minute sessions to keep you on track. You will also have access to me Monday through Friday, 9am-5:30pm EST via private messaging for additional support.

90 minute Latina Intensive Weight Loss Program

A personalized weight loss/nutrition plan.

90 MINUTES | $597

1. Meal Planning Guide

Gives you everything you need to help you stay on track with your weight loss goal

2. Sample meals, recipes with shopping list

This includes shopping lists, measurements, and portion control for each recipe

3. Ongoing Support

You will have email access to me for up to 7 business days from your initial consultation for any questions, guidance, support and accountability. Expect 24-48 hours response time.

Disclaimer:*90 minute program is not for women with a history of anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, disordered eating, diabetes mellitus. This is not a quick fi program. This program is intended for you to learn the basics of your nutritional and fitness goals with no quick fixes.

Meet Your Coach

I’m Diana Rodriguez, a LATINA Registered Dietitian Nutritionist residing in NYC.

I specialize in helping women, specifically Latina women, reach their health and weight loss goals. As a New Yorker with Dominican roots, I know the importance of food in our culture. I take my personal experiences and professional background to create unique information on wellness and nutrition for Latina women that doesn’t deprive them of their favorite Latin dishes. Together we will maximize your potential by achieving your weight loss goals in a healthy and sustainable matter. No deprivation required.

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